A week in Milan: suggestions on exactly what to do

Uncover what is considered to be the economic capital of Italy, but is definitely the residence of a lot of more: from fashion to football, from art to incredible foodie experiences.

While you might wish to invest your day shopping in Milan, remember that you are in Italy, maybe the place across the world with the most exciting food. Try to experience a taste of the exquisite saffron risotto, one of the dishes which is named after the city, for a true Milanese adventure. If you are contemplating the Milan nightlife, you definitely must start your evening with a classic aperitivo, the iconic orange drink with nibbles that is characteristic of Italian evening get-togethers, the ideal way to enjoy the sun go down in its rosy light and watching the vibrant city slow down and relax.

If you are on a family-friendly holiday getaway, and not every person of the group shares your passion for design, you will be pleased to understand that this city is home of one among the leading football clubs in the whole of Europe. As displayed by the interest of the head of the firm which owns AC Milan, the football team is going through a revival which is likely to bring it back to the absolute top of the European championship rankings. Arrange a visit to the stadium where they play, just outside the city, probably as well as other day trips from Milan, as the city is not too far from the beautiful lakes of the north of Italy.

With its spectacular tradition of culture, if you are contemplating what to do in Milan for 3 days, you should surely give consideration to spending at least 1 day appreciating the amazing art scene of the city. You can admire the popular Milan cathedral gargoyles, in the iconic building’s gothic structure, or go to one among the so many galleries that offer a fantastic series of art movements. From prominent renaissance paintings in its churches, to a number of the very best figures in the 20th century Italian art scene, figures like the director and coordinator of the exhibition at HangarBicocca aim to support the city as a major art destination.

Numerous forms of creativity just seem to bloom and thrive in this enchanting city: considered by many people as the European capital of design, there are plenty of fashion things to do in Milan, like visiting the incredible selection curated by the manager of Fondazione Prada. Needless to say, if you are there in the right time of the year, you could even view about the most vital functions in the fashion sphere: simply look at the pictures from Milan fashion week 2018 for an understanding. Moreover, the internationally-renowned home of opera and ballet will present you with a classy night at the theatre.

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